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Information & Pictures on the Standing sex position. List of the best sex positions and different styles with color photos.

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The Standing Position

Standing Position

The Standing sex positions can be very spontaneous and are great for a quickie. A whole new dynamic can be added to your sex life with the standing positions. There is great potential for role play in this position and the increase in blood flow from this type of athletic sex can be incredibly stimulating and erotic. The passion that comes with taking the woman like this can feel very powerful for men.

In the Standing positions the receiver can easily thrust and both partners have free movement because they are upright planted on the ground. With strong leg muscles and understanding how to lift and shift you can vary the angle and strength of penetration without strain on your hips. Many people find it intimate for the receiver to cling to her penetrating partner.

How it works:

In the Standing position both partners stand facing each other and engage in sex from there. If the couple heights are different they can have the shorter partner stand on a stair or wear high heels.

For solid thrusting the couple may want to lean against a wall for support which is called the 'wall support standing' position. The wall standing position can be reversed allowing anal of vaginal sex. For this the receiver is facing the wall leaning on it with their hands or forearms, they may want to bend a bit at the waist while their partner penetrates them from behind.

There are some variations that can be done with the Standing positions:

  • with the receiver facing the wall, the penetrating partner can cuddle in as close as possible producing a interesting feeling of confinement.

  • the couple face one another and lean the receivers back against a wall while the woman can jump up and wrap her legs around her partner with her arms around the man's shoulders.

  • while in the 'stand and carry' position the man can doing a walking movement which is very stimulating for the woman

Some tips for the Standing positions are:

  • more strength and guided penetration can be provided by using a wall for support and to push off.

  • if the receiver bends their knees they can easily change the angle of penetration.

  • the penetrating partner can change the depth of penetration by holding up the other partners leg.

  • both partners can explore a power play during this position and can experiment with their inner most fantasies.

Some disadvantages to the Standing positions can be:

  • this position takes some practice and requires a significant amount of leg muscle strength and flexibility

  • it can be very tiring to maintain this position causing some people to not orgasm

  • this can be quite tricky for partners with greatly unequal heights

  • this is a difficult position for overweight people

  • during the standing positions hands are usual in use, making caressing or manual stimulation very hard

  • there is danger of back injury in this position

  • without support it can be difficult to achieve motion

Variations of Standing positions

The Dancer

The Dancer

The Bodyguard

The Bodyguard The Bodyguard

The Wheelbarrow

The Wheelbarrow

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