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This information site is a public resource for Sexual Health information, pictures, tips and facts.

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Information resource on male and female sexual dysfunction. Facts to help with problems relating to impotence, orgasm, premature ejaculation problems, vaginismus and more. Treatments and advice available.

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Sexual Dysfunction

Male Sex Problems
Female Sex Problems
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Sexual Dysfunction List of topics

Sexual Awareness
Sexual choices & self-awareness
Male Sex Problems:
Male sexual problems
Premature Ejaculation & Unintended Ejaculation
Stop/Start Method
Squeeze Method
What To Do
What can be done to help:
Premature Ejaculation (PE)
Ejaculatory Incompetence (retarded ejaculation)
Blue Balls
Causes of Impotence
Female Sex Problems:
Problems With Sexual Functioning
Dispareunia (uncomfortable or painful sexual intercourse)
Help Needed
Female Orgasm Expertise
Multiple and sequential orgasms
Further Advice















Sexual Dysfunction:
Sexual Choices

Sexual Choices & Self-awareness

Not everyone is brought up to view sex as a beautiful, natural creative act. Parental conditioning has caused some to feel sexual desires are dirty or shameful.

It is important to view ourselves as unique individuals not confined to socially defined stereotypes of beauty and attractiveness. This is very important so that we do not lose respect for our uniqueness and judge ourselves in relation to others. This can have a huge impact on our sexual experiences.

What To Do

  • certain questions may need to be asked and answered for the first time
  • learn to talk comfortably about sex
  • learn to acknowledge one's feelings in the face of such dangers as HIV, unplanned pregnancy situations and acquaintance rape
  • learn to think and talk more honestly about sexual decisions
  • encourage communication by challenging assumptions and misconceptions about sex
  • learn to be more assertive about our own sexual needs and desires

Further Advice

Contact your local health care practitioner, the Family Planning Association or a local Family Planning Clinic. Visit our support page for a clinic in your area.

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