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This information site is a public resource for Sexual Health information, pictures, tips and facts.

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This site is dedicated to safe sex information and education. Research tips for practicing all kinds of safe sex (including oral, anal and vaginal sex). We also have specific information about safe gay and lesbian sex methods plus lots more.

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Safe Sex

Oral Sex
The Genitals
Anal Sex
Gay & Bisexual Sex
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Birth Control
STD Prevention

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Safe Sex List of topics:

Oral Sex
What is Oral Sex?
What is Cunnilingus and How is it Done?
What About the Smell and Taste?
What About Cunnilingus During Menstruation?
What is Analingus and how is it done?
Can you Choke Doing Fellatio?
What are some Techniques?
What does 'Deep Throating' Mean?
What is the 69 position?
Can I Use My Hands?
What Can I Do to make my Semen Taste Better?
What Does Semen Contain?
Are there any Special Sensitive Spots or Marks on the Penis?
How do you Perform Safer Oral Sex?
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What is Masturbation?
Do all Men Masturbate?
How do Men Masturbate?
What To Do?
Can you do it too much?
What About Masturbation and Pornography?
What about Masturbation and the Internet?
Can Male Masturbation be Useful in helping with Sex Problems?
Do Women Masturbate?
What are Some Methods of Female Masturbation?
Is Masturbation Necessary To Achieve Orgasm?
How do you achieve orgasm through masturbation?
Where do I go for help if I need it?
What about Mutual Masturbation?
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The Genitals
Can you tell me about Male Genitals?
Can you explain about the Female Genitals?
What is the difference between Male and Female Orgasms?
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Anal Sex
What is the History of Anal Sex?
Why would anyone want to have anal sex?
What is analingus?
Does anal sex hurt?
How do you get pleasure from anal sex?
What do I need to have anal sex?
Why use a condom?
Is anal sex messy?
What happens physically with anal sex?
What positions are best for anal sex?
Is it possible to get pregnant from anal sex?
What if I do not like it?
What about AIDS?
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Gay & Bisexual Sex
Homosexuality Advice & Information
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Safe Sex:
Further Advice

Contact your local health care practitioner, the Family Planning Association or a local Family Planning Clinic. Visit our support page for a clinic in your area.

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This Sexual Health Facts & Information site is brought to you in the interest of Minimizing the Risks of Disease, providing Information about STD Transmission, Prevention and Safe Sex Practices, as well as Information about Pregnancy, Birth Control and Sexual Relationships.

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