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Information and advice about losing your virginity and the first sexual experience. Male and female guides, tips, common worries and concerns, how to perform safe sex and other topics for first time lovers.


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Great Sex Guide: Virginity& the First Sexual Experience




First Time Lovers

It is very important that the first time someone has sex everything should be done to make it a satisfying and exciting experience. Plan ahead regarding contraception, safe sex and any other vital facts you need to know, so you will not feel anxious afterwards about getting her pregnant or catching an STD.

You and your partner should have sex when you are both ready and comfortable with the idea. Allow lots of time to have sex the first time, like a whole weekend.

What To Do

  • Eat light, and avoid eating a heavy meal as this can make you sleepy.
  • Avoid drinking too much alcohol

Alcohol helps if you are inhibited but it can cause a male to lose an erection or have difficulty achieving an erection.


It is important that you make love in a place that is very comfortable to you both. It is not really suitable for exquisite lovemaking to use a car.

Sex in the outdoors has:

  • less privacy
  • bugs
  • sand
  • pine needles, etc.

You really need a place that has:

  • a bed (still the best thing to make love in)
  • heat
  • comfort
  • space
  • a bathroom

You might like to bring along:

  • some form of contraception, (condoms, etc.)
  • favorite pillow
  • favorite bathrobe

Taking a shower together before sex is a wonderful, intimate experience and can be very arousing. Get to know each other's bodies. Take your time. That's what lovemaking is about.

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Female advice :

It is very important to show your partner what you like by telling him or showing him by taking his hands and placing them where they make you feel good. He may very nervous if it is his first time so go slow, his penis may not respond at first. Patience, gentleness, and understanding are required.

Losing your virginity may hurt but with the right touch and the right partner, you should be able to take his penis into your body without pain.

What To Do

  • Use a commercial lubricant like KY Jelly if you feel the need
  • Have him take his time to press his fingers into you, opening you up slowly.
  • Tell him when it feels good and when it hurts.

Sexual Position

The position you use depends on many factors, mainly what feels comfortable for the both of you. Choose what is best for you. Just go slow and take your time.

  • Some women prefer to have sex the first time being on top where they can control the initial penetration.
  • Others want to be on the bottom and give their lovers that control.


The first time do not worry whether you orgasm together or orgasm at all. All will improve with practice and patience.

Some women do not orgasm during intercourse and may need to be masturbated or have oral sex to orgasm.

Just enjoy yourself.

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Male advice:

The biggest anxiety with men is that they will not be able to get an erection. Nervousness and lack of confidence can cause all sorts of problems. Take a deep breath. Do something else for a while with your hands, your lips and your tongue. Try to forget about your anxiety, and your penis will respond.

What To Do

If you are a virgin and she is not, tell her before making love and she will be able to guide you. This is very sexually stimulating for a woman to be able to guide a man for the first time.

If it is the first time for both of you it may be an awkward fumbling experience. Being a good lover does not happen automatically.

If you have:

  • the right partner
  • time
  • care
  • practice

you have all that is required to become a great lover.

Sexual Position

Sex can be performed in any number of positions. The penis and vagina can be matched in many different ways, and each new position can bring new pleasures to you and your partner.


Men have anxiety about premature ejaculation. If you actually orgasm too soon, take your time, relax, and try again. The second time you should be much more relaxed and ready to take your time.

Size and Shape

One of the major anxiety problems with men is the size and shape of their penis.

The average penis is slightly more than 51/2 inches in length when erect. The vagina is capable of stretching to take a large penis, or shape itself to pleasure a small one. Size has very little to do with your ability as a lover.

Another common issue is shape. Some men become concerned because their penis bends downwards, or to the left. Others worry that a downward bend will make sex difficult or painful. It is claimed a downward-bending penis is much easier to perform oral sex upon.

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