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A list of Sexual Phobias descriptions and information.

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Sexual Phobias


  • Ithyphallophobia is the morbid fear of seeing, thinking or having an erect penis.

  • Genophobia is the fear of sex.

  • Transphobia is to fear or dislike of transgender or transsexual people.

  • Agraphobia is the fear of sexual abuse.

  • Chiraptophobiais the phobia of being touched.

  • Cypridophobia is the fear of prostitutes or venereal disease.

  • Erotophobiathe is the phobia of sexual love or sexual questions.

  • Eurotophobia is the phobia of female genitalia.

  • Venustraphobiais to be scared of beautiful women.

  • Gynophobia is the fear of women.

  • Androphobia is the fear of men.

  • Gymnophobia is the morbid phobia of being nude.

  • Heterophobia is the phobia of the opposite sex.

  • Syphilophobia is to fear the disease of syphilis.

  • Medomalacuphobia is to fear losing an erection.

  • Menophobia is the phobia of menstruation.

  • Paraphobia is the fear of sexual perversion.

  • Parthenophobia Fear of virgins or young girls.

  • Phallophobia is the phobia of a penis, especially when erect.

  • Philematophobia is the fear of kissing.

  • Philophobia to fear falling in love or being in love.

  • Virginitiphobia is the fear of rape.

  • Oneirogmophobia is the fear if wet dreams

  • Homophobia is the fear or dislike of homosexual people.


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