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Information about sex tools such as ben wa balls, vibrators, masturbators, aphrodisiacs, penis pumps and enlargers, erotic oils and other sexual toys & aids.

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Sex Tools & Sex Aids

Because our society is in conflict over the rightness of sexual pleasure, not everyone accepts the use of sex aids and sex toys. However, these days sex devices are common lovemaking accessories used by both men and women. It is a matter of personal preference to use or not to use sex aids.

Sex toys and tools (Image Credit: Another Sex Tutorial)

Common misconceptions that have been connected to the use of sex aids in the past are:

  • the use of a sexual aid means you are a pervert
  • using sexual devices in a relationship means the relationship has problems
  • if you use sexual aids you can become addicted to them
  • homosexuals use sex aids more than heterosexuals
  • using mechanical devices during intimate moments is unnatural, impersonal

For the most part sex toys are designed solely to increase pleasure during sexual activity. They are mainly used to stimulate the area in and around the genitals but can be used on other parts of the body.

Some couples:

  • like the addition of sex toys in a healthy relationship
  • prefer not to use them after experimenting with them
  • feel insecure or threatened by the use of sex aids

Sometimes sex aids can be a valuable addition in the treatment of sexual problems.

  • Videos, audio tapes and written material can help to overcome anxiety or lack of information
  • Sexual devices can be helpful for some disabled people whose disability inhibits their sexual expression. In order to improve communication and intimacy
  • Sex therapists suggest that couples who have concerns or fears about the use of sex aids or toys should be encouraged to talk openly with their partner about their feelings
  • Sex aids can be purchased in sex shops, or in catalogues etc. They are usually sold in special erotica shops or through mail order catalogues. Visit a reputable online Adult Shop


The use of sexual devices is not a substitute for relationships

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Vibrators are electrical machines powered by batteries (more popular) or plugged into electrical outlets.

  • different sizes and shapes (cylindrical or penis shaped in different diameters and lengths)
  • variable speed controls
  • sometimes come with attachments for different parts of the body
  • Click here to view a range of vibrators


  • AC-powered vibrators (plugged into electrical outlets) must not be used in or with water
  • battery powered vibrators can overheat if used for too long a time.

How to Use

  • The sexual sensations produced by a vibrator can be both intense and rapidly felt and must be used gently on sensitive body tissue.
  • To cut down on the intensity of the sensation a towel may be used between the skin and the vibrator
  • To make the vibrator more comfortable and stimulating try using a water-based lubricant
  • Many sex therapists advise the use of a vibrator for women learning to give themselves orgasms
  • Vibrators may be used them when you are alone or with partners

Sex aids are not necessarily used every time someone has sex.

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Ben Wa Balls

This device is an oriental sex aid consisting of a set of two metal balls (one solid and one partially filled with mercury). Although these are often used in an activity with a partner this sex aid is usually used by women on their own.

How to Use

  • The solid ball is placed in the vagina near the cervix
  • The ball partially filled with mercury is also placed in the vagina near the first one. When any movement causes the mercury filled ball to hit the deeper one, vibrations are spread throughout the vaginal area.

Penis Rings

A penis ring is a metal, leather, or rubber ring-shaped device about 11/2 to 2 inches in diameter.

How to Use

  • Slip the ring through the testicles and the erect penis. It fits tightly, putting pressure on the dorsal vein of the penis
  • The penis ring stops the blood that has accumulated in the penis from flowing out. This helps to retain an erection for much longer and prolongs sexual activity.
  • Penis rings are worn to make a man's penis look larger under clothes.


  • It is important for the ring to fit properly to avoid the penis and testicles being bruised.
  • Do not wear the rings too tightly as severe damage can be done to the genitals if blood flow is limited for an extended period of time. The rings act as a tourniquet.

Erotic Creams, Lotions and Oils


  • are designed to make caressing and massage more sensuous and pleasant
  • are available in various scents and flavors
  • can sometimes be used as lubricants for intercourse
  • flavored creams, etc. can be used for oral sex or body kissing their partner's all over
  • Browse different massage products

Novelty Condoms (French Ticklers)

Novelty Condoms/French Ticklers:

  • are sex aids that fit over the penis to tickle and increase sensation in the vagina during intercourse
  • are pre-shaped (unlike normal condoms which come rolled up)
  • have ridges and small probes
  • can be reused after thorough washing
  • Visit a Site selling condoms


  • These are NOT birth control devices

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These are:

  • sex aids with soft, usually latex sleeves
  • sometimes designed to resemble the female vagina into which a man can place his erect penis.

If this sexual aid is electrically or battery powered:

  • it can be controlled by the user to operate at varying desired speeds
  • it creates a rhythmic motion which stimulates the man to reach orgasm and ejaculate

Penis Extenders

A penis extender is:

  • a hollow penis-shaped device placed over the end of the penis to make it appear larger
  • usually held in place by straps or a harness around the waist


The word aphrodisiac is derived from Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love. An aphrodisiac is a potion or drug that causes sexually excitement, heighten pleasure during sex, and help with sexual exhaustion.

Certain foods have often been regarded as having aphrodisiac qualities. The Greeks listed:

  • eggs
  • honey
  • snails
  • shellfish, such as mussels, crabs.

Many herbs have aphrodisiac properties such as:

  • Damiana
  • Yohimbe
  • Saw Palmetto
  • Browse Global Herbal Supplies for Herb Information

The Arabian Perfumed Garden recommends taking for three nights on retiring:

  • a glass of very thick honey
  • 20 almonds
  • 100 pine nuts to be

External aphrodisiacs to increase the size of the penis included rubbing the penis with :

  • the melted down fat from the hump of a camel
  • bruised leeches
  • donkey's genitals asses' members
  • hot pitch

Another famous aphrodisiac is Spanish fly made from an extraction of cantharidin from the dried beetle cantharides.


If swallowed, cantharidin causes:

  • an intense burning sensation in the throat
  • diarrhea
  • the urogenital tract to become so inflamed that urination becomes impossible
  • engorged and throbbing penis due to excruciating pain rather

Taking Spanish fly can sometimes be fatal.

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