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A Glossary of Aussie Slang Terms ranging from Saddle Bags to Siphon the python.

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A Guide to Aussie Slang

Saddle bags: A Sheila’s chest jockeys
Salami slapper: A wanker, a fella who makes himself a lot of handshakes
Salmon canyon:
the pink crevasse you sick your baloney boat into
Salmon farmer: A bloke who’s very popular with the ladies; the opposite of a dirt farmer
Sausage sanger: what you get when you put your salami between two tits and a bit of pearl jam
Sav, fair suck of the: A phrase used by someone who wants a fair go, as in, “I have to work overtime again? Fair suck of the sav, boss!”
Schoolies: Gold Coast celebration where 30 yr old blokes try to root 18 yr old sheila’s
Scrotum pole: Your meat whistle
Scrute: To check something out, as in, “des have a scrute of the blamps under that jumper!”
Sea hag: A chick with a face like a smacked arse: also referred to as a sea goat
Seal, to break the: The first slash you have after a couple of hours of drinking bulk grog, so called because you have to go to the dunny every five minutes afterwards; also called a dam buster
Seatman: A bloke who enjoys driving his donger down the dirt highway; also known as earning your brown belt
Seppo: Rhyming slang for yank, from a septic tank
Shag: 1. a water bird with a pouch under its beak commonly called a cormorant. 2. To stick your beef bayonet into a chicks anchovy bay
Shaking hands with the unemployed: Having a wank, so called because your dick’s on the dole ‘cos it’s living of handouts
Shaking like a shitting dog:
what you do when you’ve woken up after a massive night on the piss – or you’ve got Parkinson’s
Shark biscuit: a first time surfer
Sharon shoes: white, high- heeled fuck-me boots popular in caravan parks and housing commission estates
Shirt lifter: a vagina decliner, a beaver leaver, a bum hole engineer
Shit a brick: An expression of incredible surprise or shock
Shit creek: A very bad place to be, especially without a paddle in a barbwire canoe
Shitfaced: what you are when you can’t recognize yourself in the mirror
Shit sandwich:
A metaphor for life- the more bread you have, the less shit you eat
Short’n curlies: Love moss; pubic hair
Shoulder boulders: Tits so big they give chicks bad backs
Shout: Your turn to get a drink, as in, “it’s my shout, now which one of you blokes is going to lend me $20?”
Shower of shit:
Really fucken bad, as in, “Australian idol is a shower of shit.”
Sickie: a day you take off work so you can visit the golf course or recover from a force - 10 hangover
Silly as a wheel:
Mad as a cut snake
Singing Budgie, the: Kylie Minogue
Siphon the python: to drain snakey; to urinate
Six- finger country: Tasmania, so named because ignorant mainlanders believe the joint is full of sister-fucking inbreds
Sixty-eight: when you get your missus to go down on you off by promising you’ll do the same to her later on, as in, “Giz a 68 and I’ll owe you one.’’


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