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Information & Pictures on the sex position Woman on Top. List of the best sex positions and different styles with color photos.

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The Woman on Top Position

Woman on Top Woman on Top

The woman-on-top position, is also called the reverse missionary, jackhammer, or cowgirl. This last name is derived from the image of the woman "riding" the man like a cowgirl rides a bucking horse. The woman-on-top position is the only position where the woman has the control and initiative to do what she likes. Just as woman like to be taken with great adore on occasions, men also like being the one submissive to his partner and and watching her while she takes the lead.

This position provides deep penetration and much sexual pleasure. New sensations and thrills can be experienced in the woman-on-top style. In almost all the sexual positions the woman's movements are limited. The woman-on-top position however offers the woman freedom to move as she pleases.

Men love to have visuals of their partners body. It is highly erotic for the man to watch his penis enter in and out of his partner. There is a lot of body contact in this position and it is great for stimulating the G-Spot. When in this position the couple are able to watch each others facial expressions and reactions to know what pleases them.

The woman-on-top position is ideal during pregnancy. No pressure is on the woman's stomach and she can control what depth of penetration suits her. This is also a good position for any woman recovering from giving birth or surgery because she can relax and know her partner won't overdo it

How it works:

In the basic woman-on-top sex position the man lies on his back while his female partner straddles him and gently guides his penis inside of her. While moving her body up and down she can control both the speed and depth of penetration. The mans movement is limited by her weight, and she can control the depth of thrusting. If the woman moves her hips in a thrusting or a rocking motion she can control the degree of stimulation during sex. Both partners have hands free to caress each other's entire body including the clitoris, buttocks, back and testicles.

The woman can lean forward almost horizontally resting her breast on her partners chest or over his face. This can reduce the movement but her hips are still able to move freely. If the woman leans forward like this, it can be easy for the penis to slip out. If she keeps her movement shallow and fairly small or presses down and circles her hip around the base of his penis there shouldn't be  a problem.

There are some variations that can be done with the Woman-on-top positions:

  • the 'reverse cowgirl' can be done by the woman sitting on top of her partner with her back to him. The woman can support her self with her hands on either side of the man. This position is not comfortable for all men, especially a man whose erection is hard and upright and normally stands against his stomach because this may bend his penis and cause pain.

  • both partners kneel, one on top of the other with their arms around one another and bodies locked together. The couple remain upright in this intimate pose while enjoying penetration. This give both partners the opportunity to embrace each others bodies. By remaining still, that is, not thrusting, but just touching, talking, eye gazing, and loving each other, it is possible to experience a deep feeling of intimacy and connection. If you try this, allow yourselves to experience the depth of your connection. Breath out deeply a few times to relax the parts of your body that may be tense, and you will feel yourselves slipping into a realm of deeper sexual union.

  • by rocking backwards and forwards, moving up and down, side to side  and swiveling her pelvis the woman can change her angel and rhythm of penetration.

  • if a man has an uncircumcised penis the woman can gently pull back his foreskin as far as possible and then do shallow up and down movements on the head of his penis. This is best done in a squatting position which can be tiring but is very pleasurable to the man and can make him come very quickly.

  • slow and gentle movements while leaning back can prolong the lovemaking and offer different sensations. When leant backwards like this movement can be limited for the woman but with rhythmic moves of the woman's pelvis both partners can embark on totally new pleasures.

  • a very good position for deep penetration is for the woman to sit sideways on her partner's penis and bring his legs up towards her chest.

  • before penetration the woman can tease a bit by holding her partner's penis firmly, masturbating him while touching her vagina with the tip of it.

Some tips for the Woman-on-top positions are:

  • for females who like the dominant role during sex, they can hold down their partner's arms.

  • the woman-on-top can be used as wake up method. This has often been referred to as a "Cowgirl Wake Up".

  • the clitoris is easy to stimulate in this position. The woman can squat and grind on the man's pubic bone will penetrating or either partner can manually rub the clitoris.

  • it can very exciting if the woman takes her partner's penic in her full then pulses her fingertips fast against the base of his penis, with the heel of her hand resting on her lower stomach.

  • for men who suffer from premature ejaculation, this position is good for practicing delayed ejaculation. A mans erection and ejaculation reflexes are slowed down when he is on his back so he can use 'squeeze technique' to prevent coming. If he feels he is coming too soon, he can signal to the woman who can take his penis out and squeeze the top of the glands firmly between her fingers until he begins to lose his erection. She can then re-arouse him and they can continue making love.

  • in the woman-on-top there are some great variations. The woman can sit, kneel or squat with her legs straight out. For more body contact, can can lie stretched out on top of the man and feel his skin along the full length of her body.

  • this position offers the partner's freedom to touch each other alot. The man can caress the womans buttocks and stimulate the anus. Both partners can stimulate the clitoris and if she is sitting upright she can reach behind her and stimulate the mans' testicles.

  • to make variations for the woman-on-top positions it is all about the angles of the penis and vagina. A woman will get different sensations if the man penetrates her from different angles. A man also also gets different sensations of his own from the stimualtion and pressure on other areas of his penis.

Some disadvantages to the Woman-on-Top positions can be:

  • some of the variations don't provide as much body to body contact than others

  • this can be unsatisfying for people who want a lot of thrusting penetration

Variations of Woman on Top positions

The Acrobat

The Acrobat



The Armchair

The Armchair


Cowgirl Cowgirl Cowgirl

Reverse Cowgirl

Reverse Cowgirl


Fusion Fusion Fusion


Mastery Mastery Reverse Mastery



Head to Toe

Head to Toe


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