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Information & Pictures on the sex position Scissors. List of the best sex positions and different styles with color photos.

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Scissors Position

Scissors Scissors

The Scissors position gets it's name because all four legs are intercrossed and is also known as the Cuissade position. The scissors position offers a great amount of physical contact between partners especially if the couple face each other to caress and kiss one another. This position is great for people with hip problems or a physical disability because it can be very comfortable and allow for longer, slower penetration.

The Side entry positions are some of the best love making positions there are. It involves little messing around or undressing and is allows for longer, slower and deeper penetration. Movement in the side entry positions are good but can be limited. The woman can use her thigh to control the depth of penetration, making it more exciting and intimate.

This position is ideal for woman during pregnancy or for larger females. Side entry positions are good for conceiving, especially if the woman remains with her legs drawn-back for a few minutes after intercourse.

The clitoris is accessible to both partners for those who enjoy extra stimulation and arousal. The mans hands are free to caress his partners body including hey woman's breast and nipples. One disadvantage is that there is no eye contact, making it a little less romantic.

How it works:

To perform the Scissors position the woman lies on her side with her leg slightly raised. The man should kneel to the side of her and enter her while holding up her leg. The woman can exert a certain amount of restraint with her thigh, which can make it more exciting for both partners.

There are some variations that can be done with the Scissors positions:

  • the woman should lie on her back with her legs in a 90° angle. With the man at her side, she raise the leg nearest to him and rests it on his body, allowing him to enter from under her thigh. The mans nearest leg should cross her body. This position is very intimate, the couple can hold one another and kiss.

  • another variations is for the woman to lye on her side, turning slightly on to her front and supporting her upper body with her arms on the bed. The man gets close into the back of her just as in the Spoons position, then puts his upper leg over her hips as he penetrates her.
Some disadvantages to the Scissors position can be:
  • movement and leverage is limited in this position and penetration can be effected

  • if not done correctly this position can become quite uncomfortable

  • many people don’t like this position because they find it awkward to position their legs without causing one of the partner’s discomfort or pain

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