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Information & Pictures on the sex position The Butterfly. List of the best sex positions and different styles with color photos.

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The Butterfly

The Butterfly

The Butterfly position is just about guaranteed to get the woman off every time. The orgasm in this position is said to be amazingly dreamlike and very relaxing for the woman. It is important to get the angle of the man's penis and woman's body right so that the her pelvis is tilted where the man can stimulate his partners g-spot with his penis. this position provides a lot of stimulation and has fairly deep penetration.

This position is intense and romantic, giving a more heightened sensual and emotional experience to both partners especially when done slowly. Couples can see the expressions of their partner and know that the they are being satisfied.

The Butterfly is an ideal position for women who liked to let their partner have control, the man can control his depth of penetration while the woman can relax and enjoy the lovemaking. Being taken like this is highly exciting for some women particularly if the man is in control and makes everything happen. This position offers full-body contact allowing a couple to kiss each other all over and exposes the woman nipples so they can be sucked or caressed which arouses many women.

A relatively quick male orgasm can be achieved if desired. For a man who fears losing control of his ejaculation he can control his thrusting and speed delaying his orgasm and prolonging the lovemaking. A woman is able to either hasten or delay both her orgasm and that of her partner through voluntary, rhythmic flexing and relaxation of the pubococcygeus muscles surrounding her vagina.

This is a great position is great for couples trying to get pregnant because penetration is very deep, especially if the woman draws her thighs right back to her chest and holds her legs behind her knees. Doing this provides the best chance of sperm being deposited deep in the vagina at the neck of the womb. If the woman also stays laying down after sex with a pillow under her hips, the sperm has the best possible chance of entering her cervix.

How it works:

The Butterfly is done by having the woman lay on her back, she then lifts her legs and rest her feet on his shoulders. Her hips and back are then elevated by the males arms as he lifts her vagina so that it lines up with his penis. It is good if the man stands off the side of a bed while lifting her vagina to his pelvis height, the woman's upper back and head should be resting on the bed. The man can grab her hips or buttocks while penetrating the woman. Penetration on this angle is not very deep because the thrusting is aimed directly at the G-Spot.

The man should place his penis at the outside of the vagina and then slowly begin thrusting forward. This will cause the penis to push against the top wall of the vagina, stimulating the G-Spot. Varying his thrusting pattern and depth in this position will give her different sensations. The man may want to start by doing 3-4 shallow thrusts followed by one deep full thrust and work his way towards many deep thrusts followed by 1-2 shallow ones.

Some disadvantages to The Butterfly position can be:

  • manual stimulation of clitoris can be quite hard for the partner

  • the man having most control leaving the woman to be submissive is not enjoyable for some women

  • this position can be bad for men with premature ejaculation as it sometime produces a quick male orgasm

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